Noosa River

Noosa River Is In Good Shape

THE Noosa River has set the standard for other rivers on the Sunshine Coast.

Director of the Australian Rivers Institute Professor Stuart Bunn has tol the Noosa Community Jury that Noosa River is still a good example of a healthy waterway, and one the community should “cherish”.

“River systems worldwide are in huge trouble from the effects of population pressure and climate change,” Professor Bunn said.

“Noosa River is in good shape. Appreciate and care for what you have.

“We need to raise the level of water literacy and protect the whole river catchment.”

President of the Noosa Commercial Boatmans’ Association also had some good news for the jury.

“We now have fewer commercial boating operations than in the past, yet we have an average 2.9% annual increase over a five-year trend in recreational boat registrations, with over 18,500 boats currently registered on the Sunshine Coast,” Mr Grossman said.

Noosa’s Community Jury requested the presentation to help inform the implications for waterways where pressures such as pollution are left unchecked.


Source: Sunshine Coast Daily

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