Reasons to kayak with Jetty17

  1. It’s fun (and a great way to meet people!)
 – There aren’t too many sports  suitable for all levels of fitness, provide the opportunity to meet great people (or paddle in solitude, if you so desire…), incorporate nature’s most scenic sites and have fab physical benefits.


  1. It improves your fitness
 – We’ve covered the emotional feel-good and social benefits of kayaking, but what about the physical? Kayaking is great because it’s…
  • A low impact workout
  • Works arms, shoulders, back, core muscles and legs when using correct technique
  • Builds muscle definition
  • Core muscles are constantly switched on
  • Burns calories to lose weight.

If parking you’re butt and enjoying the scenery doesn’t sound sweat-inducing enough for you,


  1. It’s the best way to start your day, calmly – Absorbing nature and fresh air, calming your mind, body and soul with a paddle on even calmer waters, enjoying glistening beaches, lakes, harbours and other waterways, watching the sun rise – yes, one can understand that attraction to a ‘rise and shine’ workout like this. “People tell me that when paddling they switch off from all their concerns and focus on the water, the sky and if lucky any marine wildlife. “It’s the best way to start the work day!


  1. It’s cost effective – 
If you’re a commitment-phobe, this could be a great option for you, as you can kayak as often as you like without investing in all the gear, as many kayak clubs hire out equipment. You can also join a scenic tour group, to see what all the buzz is about, and if you decide you love it, then invest in your own gear and join a club. “Kayak rental for 1 hour can be as little as $20, including kayak, paddle and other gear.



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